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Our conventional and digital machinists, our industrial mechanics as well as our experienced welders are available for all types of industrial work in wrought metals, in order to maximize your productivity and your yields. 

For all your design, creation, maintenance or repair work, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote quickly and proceed with the realization of your project.

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The history of EMI & CUP

It was in 1985 that Mr. Réal Labbé created the Precision CUP Inc. machining center located at 333, rue Galipeau in Thurso. He developed his company specializing in welding and precision machining of wrought metals, which has earned a good reputation for the quality and precision of its manufacturing.
Mr. Benoit Leduc completed his studies in industrial mechanics in 1999 and started his own business with the help of his wife Michèle Vincent, which they call Électro-mécaniques Industrielles (EMI) and which they operate from their home in Thurso to in 2010. Industrial mechanical services meet a need for various factories and institutions in the Outaouais region as well as the greater Ottawa-Gatineau region.
In 2010, Benoit proposes to Mr. Labbé to proceed with the acquisition of the Precision CUP Inc. machining center including the building, the equipment as well as the current operations of the company knowing that he plans to withdraw in the short term. The opportunities that this transaction will bring to EMI will be to design, manufacture and repair their own parts themselves in a more autonomous way.
In 2022, the two companies are merging activities to maximize and centralize operations and resources into a single entity. New members in the team as well as a major reorganization allows to better define the needs of diversified customers. This also makes it possible to make the services offered profitable and to develop and innovate in new products and services.

To meet your metal design & manufacturing needs!